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Whether you’re a corporate giant, school, church, restaurant, dentist, lawyer, or something else entirely, your business’ site will be up and running pronto. Get online and start bringing in more leads!

Conversion-Optimized Design and Content

The difference in profit between an effectively designed webpage with professionally-written content and generic filler is substantial. Hire a company that has actually run profitable sites and know your project is in good hands!

Custom @yourdomain.com Emails

Want to capture a professional feel with custom @yourdomain.com email addresses? 256 Kilobytes has you covered.

An Extensive Set of Web Development Technologies

The following non-exhaustive list covers some of the tools, frameworks, and languages that 256 Kilobytes is here to bring to your business.

Focused on your business? Ignore the fancy terminology; we’ll propose web dev solutions for your use case! Leave the fine details to us.

General Web Development




More Programming Languages and Computer Technologies





Content Management System (CMS) Development


Have a WordPress backend or want us to build one? Whether it's a straightforward five-page site or something heavily custom, get in touch today!


Support for Joomla! design, development, and support is available.


Looking for something heavily custom, but still want to work with a major CMS? Drupal is a solid choice that we're glad to help with.

Want Proof of our Web Dev Expertise?

256 Kilobytes has an extensive bibliography of content on web development and web design. Here are just a few choice excerpts of what we’ve published for the global web dev community.

How to Make a Website: A Simple Guide for Complete Beginners

The video guide below walks complete beginners through the process of setting up their own website. You can rest assured that your website will be developed professionally, since we’ve literally written the book video tutorial on it!

The Ultimate WordPress Performance Resource

The WordPress content management system (CMS) is one of the most commonly-used open source backends, particularly for small-to-medium sized websites, such as local businesses. This extensive guide discusses a variety of recommendations and techniques that developers and web design agencies can use to optimize site performance.

Blazing fast sites improve conversion rates, bringing you more clients and more money!

Your site’s performance is in good hands.

Analyzing the Web: Downloading the Majestic Million, Setting up SQLite, Crawling the Web, and Generating Reports

Ever wanted analyze the Internet? 256 Kilobytes published a guide on one method of analyzing the web by using SQLite and public data sets to visualize top sites. One of the statistics derived from this analysis is shown in the figure below.

Through years of experience and expert analysis, your site will be built keeping in mind our extensive knowledge of what works and what doesn’t.

Price Estimates for Web Design and Development

Basic Site Setup


Full Site Design

Approx $2,000

Advanced Orders


Frequently Asked Questions

Out of the box, your website’s onpage content will be optimized for your brand name. Additional more extensive SEO services are available as well.

Depending on the details of your project, long-term support is available on a retainer basis or as new, flat-rate contracted work.

Yes. Your site can look however you’d like, whether that’s a sleek, new-age feel or a 1995 throwback, we can make it happen. If you have a specific example site in mind, feel free to send us the URL!

Yes, unless arranged otherwise, content writing and/or creation is handled for you for pages created for your site.

Get in touch and let us know a few vague details about your business. There are basically infinite possible approaches to setting up your site, keeping in mind all niches, budgets, and objectives. We’re glad to point you in the right direction; no hard-ball sales tactics to upsell you to services that are irrelevant to your use case.

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