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Tired of contacting Internet marketing companies that are allegedly in Portland, but reaching a call center in Pakistan? We’re physically located in Downtown Portland. Visit the homepage to see our location on a map.

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I’ve never had a “real” job. Since 2012, I’ve worked entirely online, ranking sites and running businesses. With extensive expertise and a proven track record, your business is in the right hands!

Return-on-Investment Oriented SEO

It’s far too common for SEO companies to charge you to complete some one-off task and then disappearing into the night. Hire a company that can actually manage the full SEO process for your business.

Proof You'll Get the Best SEO in Portland, Oregon

It’s easy to claim to be the world’s best SEO guru; search engine algorithms are notoriously secretive and analyzing them requires that you observe search engine rankings over extended periods of time–even months to years. Rather than blindly assert that we’re amazing, check out several of the extensive guides we’ve published on the main 256 Kilobytes site.

An Overview of Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Research

The process of determining what terms you should target. These terms should drive relevant, profitable traffic while being cost-effective to promote.

Onpage SEO

The process of setting up your site to be understandable by search engines.

Offpage SEO

Among other factors, search engines consider links to your site to be an indicator of quality. Offpage SEO is the process of seeking out link opportunities.

Keyword Research

The video below is a beginner-oriented guide to keyword research published on our global community site. This guide goes into depth on basic-to-intermediate concepts in keyword research.

Onpage Optimization

Once you’ve decided on keywords, it’s important to set up your site so that it’s understandable by search engines. This video guide from the 256KB forum covers this process and briefly touches on some intermediate onpage SEO techniques, such as structured data.

Offpage SEO and Link Building

Finally, once your site’s content is set up, there are many ways of pursuing links. these two videos overview a combined 50+ methods of link building. This wide arsenal of link building methods allows us to craft custom strategies for sites of all niches, whether you’re a dentist, accountant, attorney, florist, chef, dermatologist, writer, or something else entirely!

Expert SEO Services for Small, Large, and Massive Businesses

SEO Audit


Keyword Research Report


Retainer Basis

$2000 Upfront; Additional Costs Itemized as Needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Technically, yes. In practice, you’re going to want to have a website. Web development services are also available, where applicable.

Exact rankings vary based on a huge number of ranking factors implemented by Google, Bing, and other search engines. We will advise you as to realistic expectations for your niche based on your specific scenario, budget, and competitors.

Yes, this can either be included as part of a retainer-based SEO contract or, if you’re also a web development client, can be included as part of those services. 

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