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Have you heard of “rank and rent” websites? It turns out that like half of the websites that appear in search engines for “Portland SEO/web dev/other” are built by out-of-state contractors (often in India, Pakistan, and so on) who then sell services remotely.

If you’re looking for services in Portland, OR, presumably you actually want Portland-based services. Conveniently, I live here. This is what my face looks like.
– August Garcia [view resume]

Portland-Based Web Development and Design

As you know, business websites are good to have for obvious reasons. Ready to bring in more money with your own custom-built website?

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Local SEO for Businesses in Portland, Oregon

For brick-and-mortar businesses, search engines are one of the largest sources of traffic. Prior to running 256 Kilobytes, I ranked multiple sites for keywords in competitive global niches. Your business is in the right hands.

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Fully Managed Web Hosting for Portland Clients

Finding a reliable web host, configuring your server, and setting up your site for optimal performance and uptime is a whole process. We’ll manage the whole process for the same rate you’d pay to do it yourself.

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Custom Programming, Web, and Marketing Services

Need something custom? Talk to a company that will actually read your emails! While the price estimates listed on this site are largely accurate for most clients, all quotes and project proposals are custom-tailored to your business’ use case.

Graphic and Logo Design Available - Example Below!

Need a custom logo or unique, professional graphics for your site? Custom design work is available, such as what is shown in the example below!

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7+ Years of Marketing and Web Dev Experience

Making websites is great, but what’s the point if they don’t make any money? Hire developers who have have run sites in profitable and competitive niches–professional services, hair clippers, aquarium equipment, and more!

Want Proof of Our Ability?

Want proof of our ability? 256 Kilobytes runs a global community of developers and marketers. Check out hundreds of thousands of words of content and hours of video tutorials to rest assured that we’re professionals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

256 Kilobytes’ client services (web development, SEO, and hosting) are completed by me, August Garcia. We reserve the right to have other members of our team complete parts of your project at our discretion.

Yes, work is available for clients in other cities, states, and countries. Coordination is available by phone, email, and (if/where applicable) video chat.

Services are subject to availability, keeping in mind both other projects for other clients and our non-client projects. Other than this, projects of all types are accepted (i.e., yes, projects for adult-oriented businesses such as dispensaries and strip clubs are accepted).

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